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About SEA AXL Containers

SEA AXL Containers moves cargo globally, buys, lease and sell new and used ISO shipping containers for a wide range of applications both foreign and domestic.

Our headquarters is located in the strategic location of Miami FL U.S.A. while we maintain a satellite office in India covering all global timelines.


SEA AXL Containers maintains an extensive global network of relationships, working as an international container trader and leasing company with global coverage. Our client portfolio includes container owners, freight forwarders, container building developers, Factories, NVOCCs, trucking companies, 3PL's, shipping lines, importers and exporters.

The company is founded and operated by  veterans of the Engineering, Technology and Logistics Industry. SEA AXL is part of the  MDI Enterprise in USA  (Established 1997).



At SEA AXL, we believe that we contribute to a more efficient container logistics through intelligent global container trading strategies



To be a successful international container trader by becoming an attractive customer to our suppliers, a solution driven partner to shipping companies, and to provide premium quality containers to customers worldwide



We are committed to win with integrity. We aspire for flawless execution and don't take shortcuts on quality. We are flexible and learn from our mistakes.




We treat one another with respect and communicate openly. We foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability. We encourage the best ideas and to surface from anywhere in the organization.


Good enough never is. We drive business opportunities with vigor. We celebrate our success but are relentless dissatisfied. We have a very strong work ethic

Constant Improvement



We are committed to win with integrity. We aspire for flawless execution and don't take shortcuts on quality. We are flexible and learn from our mistakes.


We respect our customers above all else and never forget that they come to us by choice. We share a personal responsibility to maintain our customers' loyalty and trust.

Customer Oriented

Company Goals


  1. Increased Earnings

  2. High and Reliable product quality

  3. Strong customer satisfaction

  4. Positive reputation/image

  5. Strong global presence

  6. Increased market share

  7. Maximize investor wealth

  8. Happy employees and good working conditions

  9. Respect of laws and regulations

Our Executive Team

Our Executive have worked in the field of Shipping container leasing & transportation with deep expertise in marine transportation industry. Multilingual professional   adaptable to multicultural environment with proven success of engaging in global core activities, including business development, sourcing, negotiations, cost reduction initiatives, business process re-engineering, and technology driven automation and modernization.

Operations executives bring experience working with Freight Forwarders and has the passion for customer service handling our Far East, Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe regions

Program Management Executives  bring considerable experience in program and project management for special projects.