Blockchain in Shipping

“This would be the biggest innovation in the industry since containerization!” says Bloomberg. And Wartsila adds that Blockchain is the “next big revolution in shipping”. Blockchain is a hype and you probably have already heard about countless benefits and examples of how the technology will disrupt logistics. However, “the best networks are often the hardest to create” says Camille Egloff, the Boston Consulting Group’s Global Head of T&L. Her newest report Resolving the Blockchain Paradox in Transport and Logistics points to the fact that 88% of the people who responded to her survey say that blockchain will disrupt the industry, yet nearly three-quarters (74%) say that they’re exploring opportunities only superficially or haven’t thought about blockchain at all. Why is that so? We interviewed Camille and discussed different strategies that you can use to benefit from such technology-based networks without investing too much time and money.

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