Lease vs Buy 2020

For 2020 NVOCC, Freight forwarders, 3PL companies will need to get smarter in managing their bottom line. They will need to look at 3rd alternative of buying used. From the point of view of shipping companies, their containers are assets enabling a more efficient usage of their ships through a higher level of cargo control. They consequently maximize their ship usage, which are their main assets and the container a tool for this purpose.

From the point of view of leasing companies, containers are their main assets and the goal is to amortize their investments through leasing terms. These terms come into two categories that differ in terms of length of the lease and who is responsible for the re-positioning of empty containers. In the past, maritime shippers relied extensively on leasing but recent trends underline their more active role in the management of container assets, particularly because a container spends a large share of its life span idle Thus increasing cost and higher price to their customers. The 3rd alternative is to consider used units from SEA AXL which can give a price advantage if demand can be forecasted 8 weeks in advance.


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